July 9, 2009

2008 Trek Remedy 8

I held off on posting about the Remedy because I didn't want to jinx it. This 26-inch bike made by Trek arrived at our house one afternoon. I walked up to the back porch and said aloud "Huh, whose bike is that?" His friend had a big smile on his face...he knew what I was thinking.

For the record. I think this bike is the ugliest bike that he has owned. I think the rootbeer color scheme is horrible. The other sucky thing about this bike is the fork doesn't work with our roof rack system. So because it isn't an efficient hard tail that he can ride out to the trail head, he plops it on the back of someone else's car, drives to the trail, and rides. He's been riding this bike built for "highly technical terrain" mostly north of town near Harlow and Hogsback.

What's good:
He's been riding it.
He's been having fun riding.
It is a stiff bike -- no flexing.
Nice warranty help. -- fork issues after about a month
He's kept it more than 40 days.

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