January 28, 2010

After selling the CrossMax he says...

My new wheels are much simpler.

No freehub. Gears don’t sit on a freehub body…they screw on individually. I think it will be durable and nice. I hope. They will be heavier than the Cmax, but more durable. Regular 14g straight DT swiss spokes…cheap to replace…

They look good, too.

They are being built by Speedgoat with a Surly freewheel hub. (I think) He says they are more serviceable than the CrossMax.

He's going the singlespeed route with the Gary Fisher Rig. I think he will regret this by June 1. He will say "I'm never in the right gear." "Riding home from the trail takes a long time b/c I need one gear for riding the trails and another when I'm riding home."

We'll see...

CrossMax Wheels

No longer in the R&R household.

January 17, 2010

Arrowhead Ultra - Minnesota

Registration still available for the Groundhog's Day Weekend event. The fastest bike finisher completed the 135 mile trek last year in 21 hours. I'm pretty sure he was riding a Pugsley.

Arrowhead Ultra:

Of 59 starters, 24 finished the Arrowhead in under 60 hours and 1 was disqualified for getting lost and taking a car ride back to the trail.
  • 26 bikers started, 15 finished.
  • 26 on foot, 8 finished
  • 7 skiers, 1 finished.

Completing the course is no small feat as winter temperatures in this area of Minnesota have been known to reach a record -60F degrees. No wonder the locals have dubbed their town the "Icebox of the Nation" and "Frostbite Falls".

A recap of a skier: http://www.arrowheadultra.com/2009reports/Maxwell2009.htm

January 15, 2010


The swap:

Currently on Ebay: 4 wheels, 3tires. Currently being paid for: Crossmax 29er wheelset from Lakeshore BikePhoto: Guitar Ted and Twentynineinches.com

He's had Crossmax wheels before -- just not the 29 inch version. One of the things he's looking forward to this summer is a weekend in IOWA -- hoping for a bike celebrity sighting of G-Ted.

January 10, 2010


How long will he keep the RIG?

Gary Fisher Rig 2008 and 2009

He took his friend out on the 29ers in the snow. With a break from the lake effect snow he was able to ride both Saturday and Sunday this weekend.

January 3, 2010

Gary Fisher Rig Rigid

This is the Vassago Fork from my Rig. He says it sucks. The Fox fork that comes with the bike is in its holding rack (my Rig) for the winter. I was stading up on the back porch taking this photo. The bike is NOT too small, right? He's currently messing around with the saddle position.

We just finished watching eBay auctions end and were surprised at how high the bidders went on a crankset. Shipping the stuff this week. The Niner MCR was shipped on Thursday.