November 4, 2015

What I'm Riding

Salsa El Mariachi Stormy Blue

May 25, 2011

NRS Steel 26-inch

Purchased yesterday locally...

Salsa El Mariachi

He's been riding a nearly "stock" gray Salsa El Mariachi.  After making a bet with a couple of his friends --something along the lines of him buying them beer if he sells the bike or maybe even gets a new one...

April 13, 2011

Communter Bike

A Kona Smoke - steel 700c with fenders.

Updates since the last time...

He had a Trek Sawyer for a while.

Then he sold the Sawyer and bought an aluminum Cannondale singlespeed 29er - white.

Then he sold the Cannondale and bought a STEEL SALSA EL MARIACHI 29er--gray/red.

March 22, 2011

His Cool New Bike

We've liked the Trek Sawyer bike ever since the Gary Fisher Collection was announced:

MY cool new bike

After searching and searching, thinking and thinking, comparing and contrasting, calculating and saving, I finally pulled the trigger on my first new bike since my "new to me" hand-me-down Gary Fisher Rig that I also still really, really like.  This will be my third fifth (I forgot about my 2 road bikes, both Trek's) ever brand new bike.  Bike #1 was a Trek Mountaintrack that I got for my high school graduation (1998) from Marinette Cycle Center.  Bike #2 was my Trek Cruiser Classic that I still have and ride quite a bit from The Sports Rack in Marquette.  This is a 2011 Rocky Mountain Metropolis YVR.  A crazy good deal was found earlier today and during lunch I bought it!  This is the first bike that I haven't bought in a shop.

I found this website of a graphic designer that may have designed the color block on the frame.

From what I could see in the photos on the graphic looks more blue than the graphic design webpage.  We'll see when it gets here!

March 2, 2011

After the Banshee...

After he sold the Banshee Paradox, he bought a Singular Swift (rigid, steel, 29er).  It looked a lot like this:

but had the Singular rigid fork that matched the frame.