August 27, 2009

Marquette Biker in Leadville 100

Lance Armstrong won the Leadville 100 earlier this month.
David Grant from Marquette finished 100th.

100. David GRANT in 08:49:21.5 MARQUETTE MI M4

We've seen David out training this spring and summer on a Gary Fisher Superfly (I think). He and his wife Nicole Alexander won the Ore to Shore soft rock races individually. WOW. The pictures are of her climbing a sandy hill exiting the Forestville area. She beat the tandem by 21 seconds in the end.

August 18, 2009

Gary Fisher - Cobia

After swapping out the white and silver components (seat, seat post, crank, and stem) he rode this 29er hardtail with the stock fork. Now he is riding it fully rigid with a black aluminum Bontrager fork. It is a FAST BIKE.

August 4, 2009

South Trails - Marquette, MI - Britton's Techy Trail

Perfect day for a ride.

Ore to Shore Marquette, MI

The 2009 Ore to Shore is this weekend. Some of our friends are racing it, others are riding it. We went out for a ride the Sunday before last and rode from our house up the railroad grade behind Econo to Northwoods Drive. After crossing the highway we rode all the way up Midway Drive/510 to the entrance to the trail. There sure are some long climbs on the way up. I was thankful to be riding my rigid 29er. Every pedal stroke was progress. At the trailhead we stopped for a break and had delicious BLT sandwiches before descending into Marquette.

The entire ride was probably between 25 and 30 miles and took around 3 hours. We got caught in the rain near the Forestville trailhead and just kept riding. It seemed easier to ride without sunglasses after a certain point.

There was some mucky muck and some sand but the 29-inch wheels really cruise over the sand so much better than when I rode the race a few years ago on my 26-inch Specialized Hardrock.

Now that was an ugly bike. Silver with black flames like a motorcycle.

August 2, 2009

We planned to go biking today. Initially to Harlow Lake in Marquette. Then to Valley Spur in Munising. On our drive to Munising we stopped at the Grand Island Ferry and the ferry was going to leave in 15 minutes. We decided to go for it. A beautiful blue sky day, 70 degrees, almost no bugs, and a nice 20ish mile loop. We took the 12:00 ferry to the island and the 3:30 ferry back. Dairy Queen for the drive home.