July 30, 2010

Researching Full Suspension Bicycles


-ride to the trail by road without being totally inefficient (ie: not a 6-inch travel bike)



-decent components

-not upgrading parts

-not rigid

He says:

"A do-it-all-reasonably-well-and still pedal fast bike. I wanted a performance bike…I have been marketed to. I want to ride every kind of MQT/Midwest trail and have a bike that performs consistently in all conditions. My rigid does this…but in a way that is more costly to my physiology.

Hate to admit it…sound engineering…over 10 years of refinement to linkages, bearings, tube shapes, suspension bits.

Warranty. Lifetime. Good LBS support.

Fit and finish had to be high quality…"

What do you think he bought? What would you buy? Or would you alter your Singular to accomodate your current desires?

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