August 25, 2010

Epic Out, El Mariachi In

Spending too much time messing with it in the basement, thinking about it when he was riding, and wanting a hardtail bike again, the Epic has been sold.

I don't even know if I have kept the Epic photos on my computer.

He is now in posession of a Salsa El Mariachi. Here's a link to an article by Matt James about the Salsa 29er:

Quick and dirty:
Steel, rigid, 29er, blue. The fork length is shorter than the Singular Swift fork. He's noticing that difference. One thing that he seems to like is the rear dropout and the ability to adjust that area. He's using Bontrager wheels because they never give him problems.


Anonymous said...

for all the cash spent, why not just keep one steel singlespeed and one full suspension bike. That way when you get tired of one, put it away for a while and ride the other one...

Haley said...

I agree entirely. He had this for a while --Niner SIR 9 and RIP 9 but always seems to be looking for the next one. He likes the full suspension but gets frustrated with the maintenance.

Anonymous said...

Great post, I am almost 100% in agreement with you