September 8, 2010

El Mariachi

I think the El Mariachi is going to be ridden for a while. Aside from some normal positioning adjustments he seems to like this bike. He's noticing the shorter fork length compared to the Singular. To accommodate this a riser bar may be swapped. He's saying numbers like 490 --perhaps the length of the fork?

Other components include his standard, trusty Bontrager wheels, straight seatpost, and Ergon grips. He has messed around with the gear ratio depending on the ride he's doing that particular week.


Kenda said...

hello. i am married to a biker too. isn't it fun? although, my husband's list of bikes is not as long as yours...yet. (hopefully)

lately i hear words like, "singular" and "mariachi" oy vey! my husband would like to know what your husband thinks about these two bikes. swift vs mariachi?

Haley said...

Hi Kenda - Thanks for the comment.

The Singular Swift vs. Salsa El Mariachi...

The finish details of the Swift are nicer than the El Mariachi. He said he liked the bottom bracket of the Mariachi better than the EBB on the Swift--though the EBB was problem-free. He liked that the Mariachi allowed him to put gears on if he wanted them--something about sliding rear dropouts.

I liked the colors of the Singular better--but that's how I choose bikes rather than components. The tricky thing with the Singular is if you want to put a suspension fork on it a white fork makes the creamy color on the frame look kind of yellow.

Both rode well, both had a relatively high stand-over.

Good luck!