March 22, 2010

Giant Reign XO 2008

He went out for a morning ride on Saturday on his singlespeed rigid Vassago. He got the itch for the full-suspension bike after swapping bikes throught the ride with some of his riding pals.

Remembering a Craigslist ad for the Reign, he made contact with the owner and the deal was done on Sunday morning in a parking lot.

Two more wheels in the house and a lot more suspension. He "picked up" the 2008 Reign locally from a guy that recently switched to a Giant Trance. The Reign has Maestro suspension--which means I can wear my Giant bicycles t-shirt with the Maestro logo on the front without feeling like a weirdo.

The Vassago remains.

March 19, 2010

Friday Night

Friday night after a few beers in town. Basement internet-surfing and bike-building. Easton XC-2 wheels replacing the Stan's Arch. Tires seated in a matter of minutes(seconds) and a new birthday bike pump here:

March 16, 2010

March Update

Stan's Arch wheels are not in our house anymore (thank goodness). He spent an entire day (7am-5pm) working on bike stuff particularly hours trying to seat the tires while using a crappy pump. FAIL.

Dear Bill,
For your birthday I am going to get you a Lezyne bicycle floor pump. I hope it is the last one you ever own.

Anyone have experience with these products?

There was talk last week of selling the Vassago. After reviewing the bikes of '09 I think I convinced him to keep the steel bike.

Bikes of '09:
Niner SIR9 - Green, Steel, Rigid
Niner RIP9 - Blue, Full-sus
Gary Fisher Rig - '08 model that I'm now riding
OS Blackbuck - rigid, singlespeed, 29
Trek Remedy - Full suspension 26-inch (couch)-another bad decision (my thought)
Fisher Cobia - Brushed crome color-this was a bad decision (my thought)
Niner MCR - I don't even remember this bike. I think it was dark brown and glittery.
Gary Fisher Rig - '09

March 8, 2010

Early Spring Riding

The Vassago is pretty sweet. It is very similar to the Ferrous.

He went out for a 3 hour ride this past Saturday morning. Some frozen over backroads, and then some snowpack singletrack. The temps were perfect for riding on the snow. He got out back on to the road just as the snowpack started to get spongy from rising temps and sun.

March 2, 2010

Quiet Bikes

Don't you want your bike to be quiet? No chain slap, no creaks, etc.? Then why would you want this?

Seems awfully loud to me.