December 30, 2010

2010 In Review: The Bicycles

Everyone else is doing a year in review so I thought I would too...

By Month
January - Gary Fisher Rig 29
February - Vassago JabberWocky - Green
March - Giant Reign XO
May - Salsa Big Mama and Bianchi SOK
July - Singular Swift, Kona Honky Tonk
August - Specialized Epic Comp, Salsa El Mariachi
November - Rocky Mountain Slayer, Trek Rumblefish
December - Banshee Paradox

Local vs. On-line
Gary Fisher Rig - local
Vassago JabberWocky - on-line
Giant Reign - local
Salsa Big Mama - on-line
Bianchi SOK - on-line
Singular Swift - on-line
Kona Honky Tonk - local
Specialized Epic Comp - local
Salsa El Mariachi - on-line
Rocky Mountain Slayer - on-line
Trek Rumblefish - local
Banshee Paradox - on-line

Steel vs. Aluminum & Wheel Size & suspension
Gary Fisher Rig - aluminum, 29, hardtail
Vassago JabberWocky - steel, 29, hardtail
Giant Reign - aluminum, 26, full suspension
Salsa Big Mama - scandium, 29, full suspension
Bianchi SOK - steel, 29, hardtail
Singular Swift - steel, 29, hardtail
Kona Honky Tonk - steel, road bike
Specialized Epic Comp - aluminum, 26, full suspension
Salsa El Mariachi - steel, 29, hardtail
Rocky Mountain Slayer - aluminum, 26, full suspension
Trek Rumblefish - aluminum, 29, full suspension
Banshee Paradox - aluminum, 29, hardtail
Gary Fisher Rig
Vassago JabberWocky
Giant Reign XO
Salsa Big Mama
Bianchi SOK
Singular Swift
Kona Honky Tonk
Specialized Epic Comp
Salsa El Mariachi
Rocky Mountain Slayer (how to pack and ship a bike)

Banshee Paradox

The most consistent thing: Ergon Grips.

December 28, 2010

Winter Stuff

Fresh air, blue sky, sunshine.  Cross country skiing a few miles from the bike trails.  Echo Lake - Marquette, MI.