March 22, 2011

MY cool new bike

After searching and searching, thinking and thinking, comparing and contrasting, calculating and saving, I finally pulled the trigger on my first new bike since my "new to me" hand-me-down Gary Fisher Rig that I also still really, really like.  This will be my third fifth (I forgot about my 2 road bikes, both Trek's) ever brand new bike.  Bike #1 was a Trek Mountaintrack that I got for my high school graduation (1998) from Marinette Cycle Center.  Bike #2 was my Trek Cruiser Classic that I still have and ride quite a bit from The Sports Rack in Marquette.  This is a 2011 Rocky Mountain Metropolis YVR.  A crazy good deal was found earlier today and during lunch I bought it!  This is the first bike that I haven't bought in a shop.

I found this website of a graphic designer that may have designed the color block on the frame.

From what I could see in the photos on the graphic looks more blue than the graphic design webpage.  We'll see when it gets here!

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