April 2, 2009

Quick Stop Bike Shop

Too convenient. Two blocks away. Quick Stop. I usually stay in the car. If he is in there for more than 5 minutes I get out of the car and walk in the store. Sometimes it is at lunch, sometimes it is on the way home from the grocery store, sometimes it is after work. Quick Stop.

Great service, nice people, and too convenient, Quick Stop has the best website and window display of all of the bike shops in town. And I like their sign.

You know how women's clothing stores usually have a comfortable chair for the men to sit in while the wives are shopping. Quick Stop has a chair too and it is comfortable. I'm sure it is one of Andy Gregg's chairs from bikefurniture.com. Could be this model http://bikefurniture.com/pagesSeating/lcmx.htm

Quick Stop sells:

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