April 20, 2009

Rode It: Gary Fisher Rig - RIGID

Other pictures of the RIG setup here and here. It has a creamy white Vassago rigid fork (45mm rake with the Vassago).

We rode the 29ers together last week. He rode the blue Niner and I rode the brownish Gary Fisher Rig. His bike was full suspension. Mine was fully rigid. His bike had gears. Mine was single speed. Guess what? It wasn't bad at all.

We headed out from our house over to Tourist Park, through the woods, on some "new to me" trail, under the bridge, up the hill, across the hwy, up the hill, along the normal trail, through some snow, down to the river, hike-a-bike through some sand, rode a little more, then turned around. I was able to ride through the quick sand much better on the rigid 29er than I would have on my *SOMA Groove* and better than Bill did on the Niner.

The bike was set up pretty well. I didn't have any problem with the singlespeed gear --I'm not sure how it was set up-- 32 x 16? I really have no clue. The gear was a little to small on the way back along Lakeshore so I grabbed ahold of his backpack and let him pull me until we go to Fair Ave.

The fork is a NEW carbon one from Lakeshore. My arms, shoulders, and wrists weren't sore or tired. The other end was though. I didn't think the seat was too high and it didn't seem bad when I was riding the bike, but whoa the next day was another story.

All in all, it was a good ride. Light, fast bike. No falls.

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