February 18, 2009

Bike Bloggers in Our Home

When we drove to Colorado Springs for Christmas we got a little bored driving through Nebraska and Iowa. Okay, it was more than a little bored. We had some conversations about what our favorite bloggers were blogging about that day...

Here's who we talked about and are on a first name (well sort of) basis with in the R&R household:

Jeff Kerkove http://www.jeffkerkove.net/

Team Dicky http://www.teamdicky.blogspot.com/ and his spouse "The Pie"

Guitar Ted http://g-tedproductions.blogspot.com/

Drunk Cyclist http://drunkcyclist.com/

Mike Curiak http://lacemine29.blogspot.com/

Bike 29 http://bike29.com/ride29er/

I get to hear:
-"Guitar Ted's neighbor is going to be on Wife Swap." You should hear what his neighbor probably says about him...
-"Mike Curiak biked the Iditarod!...without support"
-"does my Drunk Cyclist jersey make me look fat?"
-"bike29's wife commented!"
-" (_____fill in the blank) went back to a rigid fork."

He gets to hear:

-"Crunchy Peas went skiing and she got a new haircut."
-"Friday Playdate is drinking vodka again and she just painted her dining room."
-"Posie Gets Cozy just finished up a new pattern and it is full of beautiful colors."
-"This Young House refinished their hardwood floors."

I like to read happy blogs and he likes to read biker blogs.

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