February 3, 2009

Niner R.I.P.9 December 2008- February 2009

When he was thinking about selling it I thought he was joking.
He had lots of different emotions. Even though he was a little sad about selling the RIP 9, it was ultimately his decision.

R.I.P 9 = Rest In Peace
RIP 9 was a solid bike. She glowed in the dark, didn't creak, had a color similar to the Ferrous, and rode amazingly. Purchased less than two months ago, she was brought into Bill's life with loads of joy and anticipation--an amazingly built 29er, full suspension, a solid fork, nice welds, and quality travel. There was nothing wrong with her, just not the right time.
She joins many amazing bikes who have passed before her (see sidebar). Leaving behind one hardtail Niner, the S.I.R. 9.
E-bay listing soon. May she go for lots of money.

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