February 25, 2009

Pedal Damn It!

More riding. Less Not-riding. Or in other words...stop thinking about riding and just go ride.

Seeing as how this blog is about my Cyclosis, I figured I chould chime in now and again...

Went out for a great ride yesterday on the SIR 9. Nice bike. I still think deep down that a Reynolds 853 hardtail is the bee's knees. However, the reality of back pain dictates that I also have a full squish in the quiver.

Anyhow, the ride was great. Cleared my head and put to rest any thoughts I was having about selling the hardtail. I also decided that I am going to keep running the SIR as a SS. I had been toying wit the idea of popping some gears on it...meh...I like it how it is.

So I think I will be sporting the RIP and the SIR this summer. My hope is to be able to remain convinced that I don't need to do the whole end of season buy/sell/get the updated stuff when November comes around. It would be a novelty for me to ride a bike for two seasons in a row, i.e. not have a new rig every year. Just because one "can" doesn't mean one "can", or should.

Along the same lines, I came across a nice thread on mtbr.com yesterday. Something about "What's cool for 2009?". I was surprised to see how many folks responded with "keep what you have", "ride it 'til it breaks", etc. Apparently I'm not the only one with this sentiment.

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Lina@CollegeAve said...

Cyclosis: noun. (si-klo-sis) -

1. the circulation of cytoplasm within a cell

2. a psychological condition. Symptoms include planning waking hours around rides or races, dreaming of rides or races, and/or spending every spare dollar on bikes or accessories.