January 27, 2009

Favorite MTBR Forum


Does your husband keep switching components on your bike?

Me: I really like these handlebars - nice and narrow.

Him a couple of days later: Oh, I switched out your handlebars for these new ones, I thought you would like the rise better.


Me: I really like the gear ratio and the crank length, I seem to be able to climb really well.

Him a couple of days later: Oh, I switched out the crank for you. This one is lighter.


Me: These tires are really fast, I really like them.

Me a couple of days later: Did you switch tires?

Him a couple of days later: Yeah, I thought these would grip better.


One of these days...

Him: My bike is tuned in. The Ergon grips are lined up perfect, the crank is the perfect number of millimeters, the pedals are tightened perfectly, the seatpost isn't sliding, all of the parts match, and the seat is at the ideal angle.

Me a couple of days later: Oh honey, after watching you adjust everything on my bike for so many years I thought I'd do you a favor and cut the Ergon grips off and replace them with regular ole grips that you use to like, replace the crank with this one that has three chain rings, remove the singleator, swap your pedals over to platforms, replace the seat clamp and lube up the seat post, replace your Salsa components with Bontrager and Race Face, and move the seat just a hair forward--so it would be better for your climbing.

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