January 30, 2009

Giant Trance

Getting to know each other, Bill had a pretty good idea that I don't like credit cards or those gimmicky 12-month no interest options available everywhere. After work one day he said he wanted to make a quick visit to a local bike shop. I thought, sure, why not. He said he wanted to look at a bike. Me being a naive girlfriend of a soon to be "dual suspension" owner, I said sure. What he meant to say was "I want to pick up the bike that I bought on credit with one of those gimmicky 12-month no interest credit cards that I know you hate." And here begins the bike buying. It was a 2004 Giant Trance - black and red. He said he thought I would like the look of it because of the colors. I did like the colors and the bike was pretty sharp. --I'm pretty sure Bill called it "dual suspension" back then.

He rode the Klein with big ole platforms--afraid that if he had the toe strap thing that he would fall like he had before. Since he has been riding with the Shimano pedals he has not gone back to the platforms--except for his cruiser bike.

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