March 4, 2009

Cyclist vs. Biker

He asked me, "Why didn't you call it Married to a Cyclist?" He said it makes it seem like motorcycle blog when I say BIKER. Oh well.

Last night we watched Wild Hogs. Well, we watched the movie over the weekend and watched the extras last night.

One of the bonus features was How to Get Your Wife to Let You Buy a Motorcycle.

1) Convince her that you won't be riding your motorcycle with traffic on the express way. --that you'll instead be riding on quiet country roads without other cars.

2) Look good in leather.

3) Tell her that you can really experience scenic views way better than in the car--when you barely get a chance to look out the window.

Here's what I hear when he wants to buy another bike...

1) Convince her that riding a MOUNTAIN bike is so much safer than a road bike--you won't be riding dangerously close to crazy drivers on cell phones.

2) Look good in SPANDEX. (cough)

3) Tell her that you can really experience more nature when you are on the bike trails.

4) Tell her it could be big screen tv's, boats, snow machines, 4-wheelers, or drugs.

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