March 13, 2009

He Sure Is A Lucky Guy

Hello Fischer Crew - I have a special request. My husband has FINALLY found a bike that he LOVES. In our four years of marriage he has seriously had at least 25 bikes and I have heard about each and every one. From full suspension to hard tail and fully rigid, scandium, aluminum, steel, partial carbon, 26 incher to 29er and back and forth a couple of times. Road bikes, mountain bikes, cruisers, commuters, you name it. He now rides the Gary Fischer Ferrous and LOVES it. He loves it so much and talks about it so much that three of his friends are now riding 29ers. In attempting to convince another to buy one he let his friend take is beloved Ferrous for a test ride. He started to get nervous after the bike was not returned within two hours --he thought (name) was having a really great ride, and really loving it. An hour later his friend called to say he was having a hard time getting his pedals off of his old bike--he hadn't ridden the bike yet. He called a while later and said he was going to take it out for about an hour. Two hours later (name) arrived with the bike, said he really liked the ride and mentioned that there was a Paragon in his size at the shop. My husband brought the bike in and when he was cleaning his bike noticed paint chipped on the tube that runs from the seat post to the back of the bike --a spot where the pedal wrench could give it a good whack. He was devistated. His perfect, beautiful STEEL bike had its first doink. I calmed him down and told him he did the right thing by letting his friend borrow the bike. That is was definitely an accident that the chip was there, etc. Any how...he is really sad about his bike. Do you have a tiny vial of paint that I could use to touch up the spot on the tube? The spot is about the size of a pencil eraser. If you would rather send it to James at Quick Stop Bike Shop in Marquette that would be wonderful too. Thank you for your help and for making a bike that he is finally more than content with. --Haley


Jonathan said...

Greetings from over in Munising.

25 bikes in four years? I will let my wife know that she has nothing to worry about (yet!) when it comes to my own bike habit.

The first ding is always the worst on a new bike. But I agree that your husband did the right thing in loaning the bike. Friends are more important than paint-chips. Life is more fun when you can share the excitement of something like a good bike.

You might look at Michael's for touch-up paint. As I recall, they have an entire aisle of acrylic paints in more shades that you can shake a stick at.

Finally, I just bought my first-ever steel frame on Friday. It's a Salsa Fargo. I'm hoping to get it built-up this week.

Haley said...

Steel Is Real. I sent that letter last summer and since that bike he has had a few more bikes and is now in posession of two Niners: a SIR9 and a RIP9. The bike that I rode for a couple of years (yes, some people ride for more than one season :) ) was a steel Soma Groove. The Fargo looks nice and with the weather we've been having around here I'm sure you'll be riding it in no time.

Haley said...

And thanks for the great tip about Michaels!