March 21, 2009

Dome Show

Live stream here:

This weekend all of the bike shops in town are being represented at the annual Dome Show at NMU. It is called the "Boat, Sport and RV Show". All of the new bikes will be on display and probably on sale. It usually also means the bikes will be on sale in the shops too. Good news for bikers. Good news for him.

Yesterday Bill bought a Gary Fisher Rig from Quick Stop Bike Shop. From what I can tell it is a single-speed hardtail bike that has a suspension fork. They blog here:

He'll be selling his SIR 9. I suggested locking it to the stop sign in front of our house with a "for sale" sign attached to it. The traffic on our street has increased significantly with the Dome Show just three blocks from our house. Interested in a green SIR 9? It is size Large--19 inches. Fully rigid with brand new wheels, cables, handle bars, seat post.

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